Audi Q7


First, some bad news… the V12 TDI, which was the ultimate expression of wanton excess, has been disposed to a bygone era. Reasons could be because of the upcoming Bentley Bentayga, or it could be down to our sudden awareness of carbon emissions… touchy subject.

Mercedes C63 S AMG


A concoction devised to destroy fuel and tyres in the shortest possible time is proof that the smaller V8 lives in nobody’s shadow.

2016 Tech Trendsetters


AUDI MMI – ALL-IN-TOUCH Audi’s MMI all-in-touch navigation ranks as one of the best in the industry. Designed to function much like a smartphone, the revised system allows both the driver and the front passenger to navigate infotainment features using multifinger gestures and a voice-command system that actually recognizes your voice.

Cars of The Year


From a superstar that leaves us begging for more track time to a compact that has us completely sold on getting practical, here’s our list of the best new models and innovations in automotive design.