Wearing Green, Hard to Be Seen – Mercedes Benz AMG GT R


Its conquered the ’Ring. So how well will the sportified AMG GT R handle Portimao?

Intimidation, it turns out, is green. And wide, loud, long of bonnet, short of temper, fat of tyre and hairy of arse. Yes, the AMG GT R is a supercar. It conforms to all the tropes except the one that demands the engine should be behind the driver.

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Maruti (the Indian Suzuki) Launches New Ignis To Blow The Small Cars Segment


I do not listen to music; not when I’m alone at home neither when I’m driving; my iPhone doesn’t even have a playlist. However, if I’ve company when I’m driving, I do not put a dampener on things and let others play their favourite music. For instance, my partner and I were on our way back to Mumbai from Delhi – a two-day, 1600km journey.

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New Challenger in Electric Class – Faraday Future FF 91


Promising 1050bhp,a range of 378 miles and 0-62mphin2.39sec, the $200,000 (roughly £l60k) Faraday Future FF 91 electric saloon is not short of ambition. In fact, Faraday is a car company that has been around for only three years yet is now telling the world it will match Tesla at its own game in 2018, even though its factory exists as only an architect’s model and a dusty lot in the Nevada desert.

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McLaren P1 GTR


There’s nothing more exciting than an invitation to drive something ludicrously fast, sophisticated and far beyond the realms of even a normal supercar. Something that gives you a glimpse at the outer edges of what’s possible shy of a big-budget single-seater racer.

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Mclaren 570S vs Mclaren 570 GT


They share many a component, but the difference between the 570S and GT is all in the detail

Despite this being the first time I’ve driven a 570GT, I’ve got an uncanny sense of deja-vu. Ever since I first sat in a car, I have like most people assimilated through hands, feet, backside, nose and inner ear all sorts of sensations relating to different cars.And right now my brain is slowly going through the filing system, checking the microfiche, looking for a match. It doesn’t take long.

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2017 Skoda Octavia 1.6 TDI SE L

2017 Skoda Octavia 1.6 TDI SE L-2

Czech brand’s hatch bids to maintain its flag-bearing status with a light refresh

Skoda likes to bill the Octavia – its biggest-selling model in the UK and a range mainstay for the past two decades – as its backbone. Having received wholesale surgery in 2013, this time round the model receives a more modest chiropractic tweak of the styling, interior and equipment levels.

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2017 Toyota Prius Plug-In


Seminal petrol-electric hybrid hatch applies plug-in technology to its latest generation in a bid to show that original is still best

Ten years ago, a group of engineers at Toyota’s japanese HQ had a daydream – and it has just led to this: the second- generation Prius Plug-in petrol-electric hatchback. “The idea that inspired us,” says chief engineer Shoichi Kaneko, who worked on the first Prius Plug-in before leading his team to produce its replacement, “was to come up with an electric vehicle that charged itself.”

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Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Edition vs McLaren F1


McLaren’s road car ambitions nearly ended that tragic day in 1970 when Bruce McLaren lost his life testing a Can-Am racer at Goodwood. His daily driver was a prototype McLaren road car — the M6GT — which used a tuned Chevrolet V8 engine. It weighed less than a Mini, and had 10 times the power. It also had manually operated pop-up headlights that were raised or lowered by hooking your finger inside the light pods. Can you imagine that getting signed off for production today?

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