Celebrating The Jeep, The One That Started It All

I should have thought twice before entering that narrow spot. The location looked like a mini-forest; it would have been great for some pictures, as if the Jeep was making its way through the thick jungles of Indo-China. I regretted the moment I entered it – looking firm on the outside, the surface was actually … [Read more…]

Find Out What A SUV Is Actually Built For

It’s a quiet little town this, Chandigarh, with its squared off blocks and equidistant roundabouts. It has its unique system of numbering which means every local knows exactly which way to head to find an address and every tourist is simply lost in a maze of similar looking blocks of houses and shops. If you … [Read more…]

Suzuki GSX-R 1000 R: Speed & Performance

The name GSX-R has cult status in motorcycling circles. It was one of those motorcycles that could only be described as a race-bike with lights. And in the 1980s, when it was first released, that was what it was – motorcycles that Suzuki used to race that were made road legal by adding on some … [Read more…]

Baby SUVs Are Multiplying Fast

Go on, take a wild guess at what type of car we’re currently all buying in droves. No, not V8-engined two-seater sports cars, unfortunately, but supermini-based SUVs, and new ones are arriving at such at rate we’ve barely got space for them. This month? Just the four… And yet for all our cynicism, they’re a … [Read more…]

Datsun redi-Go 1.0: More Power Is Always Welcome

If you’ve been waiting for it, yes, your prayers have been answered – the Datsun redi-Go has received a little more pep in its step. The new variant – the 1.0 i-SAT – is the most powerful redi-Go model that will be available in India. It’s the same 999cc, three-cylinder petrol unit that does duty … [Read more…]