Aston Martin DBX Preview


What it is:  The newest sign that the end is nigh? Also, “nigh”? In what other context would one use that word? What were we saying? Oh, right, DBX. Well, it’s part of Aston Martin’s plan for long-term survival. And we all know what that means these days: a crossover/SUV-type thingamabob. We saw it first … [Read more…]

Ram Rebel Preview


What it is: Ram’s answer to the Ford F-150 Raptor. Why it matters:  With the full Ram engineering overhaul postponed, FCA is eager to use what it has on the shelf to eat into Raptor sales. Ram can’t let Ford suck up every spendthrift interested in owning an airborne pickup.

Mazda CX-5 Skyactiv-D 2.2 Preview


What it is:  A compression-ignition middle finger to the masses of virtually identical life-ends-with-children mobiles. Should also come with the bonus of meaningful steering feel and impressive road manners.

Volkswagen Atlas Preview


What it is:  VW’s new three-row crossover, challenged with lifting the smoggy skies that have been shrouding the brand since the diesel cheat broke. This Honda Pilot–sized SUV packages seating for six or seven along with ample cargo space. For the time being, the pricier, two-row Touareg will continue to sell alongside the Atlas.

Subaru Ascent 2018


In terms of sales momentum, Subaru continues to ascend, a huge cartoon snowball somehow barreling uphill, picking up skiers, snowmobiles, and the odd yeti. It started with a U.S. sales record in 2009, when 216,652 Americans bought Subarus. Seven consecutive record years later, the brand came close to tripling that total, with 615,132 sales in … [Read more…]

BMW X2 Preview


What it is:  A rebodied derivative of the BMW X1, slightly less practical and more sporty-looking. Sort of what the X4 is to the X3, the X6 is to the X5, and blonde Rihanna is to natural Rihanna. It’ll have a low-slung shooting-brake roofline, a windswept shape, and, down the road, there might even be … [Read more…]