Peugeot 205 T16: Racing Legends

It couldn’t last. But while world rallying’s Group B was in play, the axis of motorsport shifted firmly away from F1 and onto the snow, gravel and desert stages that forced the drivers to improvise like crazy. 1982 until 1986 was the golden era, and a time when we all seriously considered learning Finnish.

Audi Q2: Go Everywhere With It

Time for the Q2 to go back, which means verdict time. And here’s the easy bit. If you have decided you have a roughly Q2-shaped hole in your life, and a roughly Q2-sized amount of money in your wallet, and you’re wondering how to fill the former and empty the latter, I can happily recommend … [Read more…]

Aston Martin DB11: Every Human’s Dream

The DB11 has been puzzling me for a while now. And here’s why: it rides too well. I know, I know, this sounds mad, but we’ve long been fed cars that compromise comfort for schportiness. The DB11 doesn’t do that – it’s a big GT cruiser and it rides like a big GT cruiser should.

Mitsubishi L200 Is Alive!

So here it is. The product of much worry, many late nights and the glorious realization of ambition over budget: TG magazine’s Project Swarm. A monster Mitsubishi L200 that combines proper military-spec hardware and a little bit of show car theatre to create something… er… unique.

McLaren 570GT Is Brilliant

Month three of life with the 570GT, and being a generous and benevolent dictator (but mostly because I had to travel to LA and Korea for business) I took the opportunity to allow a trusted few to prise the keys from my hands. Returning from my travels and with the mileage now reading 4,235 it … [Read more…]

Ford Mustang: Caught In The Act

She’s been nicknamed ‘Bluebell’. I know, not the most macho of names for a 5.0-litre, manual V8 Mustang but Grabber blue is very blue, so it kind of just stuck. And finally we’ve upgraded from the (admittedly excellent) winter tyres to something a little stickier… 19in Pirelli P Zeros, to be exact, in 275/40 and … [Read more…]

Say Hello To The New Honda Civic

A big hello, then, to the new Honda Civic. With emphasis on the ‘big’, for the tenth (tenth!) generation of Japan’s answer to the VW Golf is frankly enormous. Honda boasts this new Civic has the longest wheelbase in its class. I don’t doubt it. If someone told you this was the new Accord, you … [Read more…]

Alfa Romeo Giulia QV: Stronger Than Ever

You’ve heard it a million times: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But when does imitation cross the boundary? Well, having spent more time in the Alfa’s cabin, this is a point I’m struggling with. See, anyone familiar with Audi and BMW cockpit controls may see some visual similarities between them and the Giulia’s … [Read more…]

Ferrari 812: More Power & a Smaller Price

The first time you uncork the 812’s 6.5-litre V12 and allow it to scream to that 8,900rpm limiter in third gear you ask yourself one simple question: “Does it feel faster than an F12 – I mean, can you really feel the extra 59bhp?” Is that two questions? Feels like just the one to me.