Audi Q7

First, some bad news… the V12 TDI, which was the ultimate expression of wanton excess, has been disposed to a bygone era. Reasons could be because of the upcoming Bentley Bentayga, or it could be down to our sudden awareness of carbon emissions… touchy subject.

Instead, you get a V6 TDI that lodes up a thick dust cloud, and next year, a smaller petrol for fewer monies. Five metres of taut metal have seen 300 kilos of loose flab trimmed to agile effect, more so with the optional four-wheel steering, but it still ranks as the most weighty four-ringed model you can buy. The base price serves as a light anchor, because the optional gizmos make the package.


Virtual cockpit, bigger wheels, dynamic lights, and air suspension cover the essential must-haves, but it would be remiss not to include the Android tablets with Wi-Fi, and vivid graphic processors for rear passengers. And getting those jet-skis into the water is a doddle when using trailer assist to dial in the angle before handing over all control to the Q7’s large brain, which lines things up with absolute precision. You simply can’t get a more advanced Audi than the Q7, and finally, large isn’t a synonym for ugly.


3.0-litre 6-cyl turbocharged


0-l00 km/h: 0.3 seconds

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