Audi Q2: Go Everywhere With It

Time for the Q2 to go back, which means verdict time. And here’s the easy bit. If you have decided you have a roughly Q2-shaped hole in your life, and a roughly Q2-sized amount of money in your wallet, and you’re wondering how to fill the former and empty the latter, I can happily recommend the Audi Q2.

This is a deeply proficient motor vehicle. The 1.4-litre turbo petrol is smooth, and peppy, and proof there’s life after diesel. The handling is tidy. The interior is lovely. The info-wotsit gubbins are the best infowotsit gubbins in the business. Big ticks all round. Nothing to complain about here.

The problem, however, is deciding if you do indeed have an Audi Q2-shaped hole in your life. Because there’s no getting around the fact it’s an oddly shaped hole: part hatch, part SUV, part coupe. Which means the Q2 faces competition from a whole bunch of diverse rivals, not least within its own family.

Would I take it over Audi’s bigger, more conventional Q3? The Q2 is helpfully cheaper than its big brother, and drives with significantly more vim. So if I didn’t need the extra space – which I don’t – I would. So I will. But what about the A3?

Audi’s Golf-sized hatch is more practical – no squished rear roofline here – a little tidier to drive, and, spec for spec, about £1,000 cheaper than the Q2. I’m not sure you’d buy the Q2 for its added off-road credentials – ground clearance is hardly greater than that of a hatch, and only the top-spec versions come with 4WD, which of course you can have on your A3 as well – so I suspect it’ll all come down to whether the Q2’s looks float your boat.

In honesty, our silver-on-red Q2 never did it for me in quite the same way as, say, the original Evoque that Audi’s designers were doubtless channelling as inspiration. But a couple of weeks ago, in Geneva, I spotted a yellow Q2 with black C-pillars, which looked, to my crossover-weary eyes, really quite tasty.

Of course, I utterly failed to get a picture of it, so I’ve recreated it on the Audi configurator, and stand by my conviction it’s rather spiffy. I would. So there’s my verdict. If you fancy the idea of a Q2, go for it. But make it yellow.

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