Aston Martin Vanquish Doubles The Stake With Another 99 Zagato Volante

Everyone gets nervous about exam results, but Zagato needn’t have worried with the Aston Vanquish Volante

Zagato’s products are famed for their double-bubble roofs. Well, here’s one that eschew that, using a folding fabric top instead. Following the sell-out run of 99 Aston Martin Vanquish Zagatos (despite the car’s £500,000 pricetag), the companies have linked up to extend the run by another 99 cars, this second lot significantly more open-air.


Like the hard top, the Volante uses a592hp 6.0-liter V12 engine, firmly from Aston’s old-school rather than its renaissance, led by the new turbo-charged DB11. This Zagato is good for a 3.7-second 0-100kph time, while its top speed should be a whisker shy of 322kph.


Beyond the tin-opener treatment, the styling is unchanged. Red paint job and gold detailing remain, opinion- splitting wheels included, while the bonnet vent and Polo-mint-like running lights are intact, too.

Thanks to its sill and rear-splitter treatment, the Vanquish’s body appears to rise from a carbon base, which is quite cool. And there are plenty of lavish little details: note the wee Zs carved out around the rear lights. All told, it’s not an Aston in the finest, subtlest traditions. You might like that about it.


Inside, things deviate a little from the hard top, with a new tan color scheme to complement the herringbone carbon fiber and anodized bronze detailing. Of course, the malleability of Aston Martin’s Q division ensures yourwildest (or, indeed, most sedate) paint and trim fantasies can come to fruition. Don’t like the colors you see here? Don’t fret. If you can afford the half a million quid or so you’ll need to buy one, you’ll be able to go a little frivolous with the personalization.


Revealed at Monterey Car Week last August, all 99 will roll off Aston’s Gaydon production line in time for 2017 deliveries. But with buyers unsated by the coupe’s run to take care of, you’ll have to be quick if you want one.


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