Aprilia RSV4

The Aprilia RSV4 is no stranger to the super bike world, and has always been a top contender since its introduction in 2009. It has gone on to win four Manufacture and three Rider titles in the World Superbike competition.


We have established that the RSV4 is a great superbike riding platform as is, but then every so often someone with vision comes along and evolves an already amazing bike into something mind blowing and on a level of its own. Marco has a long history in the customisation game with both cars and bikes, and this RSV4 he has built is staggeringly impressive.


There has been such changed and so many parts upgraded that it almost easier to talk about what is left from the base bike – like the swing arm. That very well might be the only standard part. Bear with me as I unveil all the additions and mods made to this Aprilia.

It has full carbon / kevlar fairings – in fact, even the front sub frame is carbon. Let the list begin: Ohlins FGR 900 pressurised front forks and TTX mono rear shock, billet custom triple clamps, Marchesini forged magnesium 16,5” SBK wheel set, Brembo gold series floating discs, Brembo monoblock RX GP callipers and radial pump , Lightech billet bars, fluid reservoirs ,quick release fuel caps, rear sets, chain adjuster kit, ally casing protector kit, crash protector kit and axle guard kit. That’s a lot of Lightech parts. SBK crank, slipper clutch, air filter. Even the engine has mods of Titanium conrods and valves. And just when you wonder if there even anything left, you find out the ECU is Magneti Marelli with an electronic quick shifter. All the air boxes and air intakes and radiator are oversized, and all other remaining parts and sub frames have been replaced with light weight counterparts. And all of this is rolling around on a set or Pirelli SBK 16’5” Slicks with a 205 on the rear.


It’s an impressive list of all the best imaginable parts, and if you’re not just about bikes and branded parts you are probably foaming at the mouth round about now. So what does all that cost? The bike is valued at R990 000, and yes that’s a lot. So is it worth it?

Well money aside, just absolutely “wow”. The average person will never get to ride a bike of this calibre and perfection, and because Marco has such high passion and expertise you know you have a custom-built bike second to none in the entire country. I still stand to ask if I did own this bike would I even have the guts to ride it as hard as I could, in fear of dropping it in a fast corner? Or is the only way you could experience its true potential is if you had endless money and that scenario didn’t matter? But reality calls and money plays a roll and even so you can’t help but marvel at its beauty and sheer capabilities.


“This is as close to world-standard race spec as any of iis are ever going to see”

All in all, this is as close to world-standard race spec as any of us are ever going to see. The glorious mix of parts and upgrades will suck you into what is a custom masterpiece of superbike. It looks deadly and rides with such brutal power that it will always thrill you, yet with all its attention to detail like suspension, brakes, electronic and lightweight materials, you can rest assured that you can put that power down and through a bend like a seasoned pro on the track.

This RSV4 is truly one of a kind and so special to behold and experience. It’s one of those once in a life time dream track machines. Many will purely commend Marco for putting this monster together.

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