Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

Even the steering requires more muscle at lower speeds due to its manual system. But everything comes together with amazing precision when the 4C is pushed. Switch to the manual paddle-shifters and select race mode – one of the car’s four touch-mode driving dynamics – and the 4C makes a powerful argument.


Much of the 4C’s performance styling has been carried over to the cockpit, a bare-bones affair with few luxuries aside from the standard accent stitching. Our Spider was equipped with the lineup’s new Alpine audio system with Bluetooth capabilities, which makes it a little more driver-friendly than a race car.

With a price tag of nearly $75,000 fully loaded, the 4C Spider is about as practical as a three-piece wool suit at a summer pool party. Still, it’s so much fun to drive – and that’s the point.

Alfa Romeo 4C Spider Stats

Engine: Turbocharged in-line four-cylinder Alfa-Romeo-4C-Spider-engine
Horsepower: 237
Torque: 258 lb.-ft.
Zero to 60: 4.1 sec.
MPG: 24 city/34 hwy.

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