Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

100 Years of Italian Racing Heritage in a Dynamic, Deliriously Fun Package

The 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C wants to prove a point. And the more you stare at the compact, mid-engine Italian sports car, its massive side air intakes giving it a muscular stance, the more the temptation to take it up on the offer grows. Drawing on more than 100 years of Italian heritage, the new handcrafted Alfa Romeo is a study in how to load the appeal of a supercar into a smaller, tighter vehicle. Who could resist?

Our first drive behind the wheel of a 4C was in a coupe at Chrysler’s Chelsea Proving Grounds in Michigan, where we were schooled on the car’s agility. But it wasn’t until we were handed the keys to a 4C Spider in southern California that we got a feel for its full capabilities, ripping through winding canyon roads in the convertible. The raw performance of Alfa Romeo’s racing legacy has been kept intact while augmented by high-tech features including an advanced turbocharged engine, a carbon fiber chassis and a twin-clutch transmission.


The 4C (rated at 237 horsepower) can be temperamental on short city commutes. It’s also loud and aggressive for its size, which makes it a tough buy for an everyday driver.

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