Alfa And Maserati Could Shake Their Hands For a Full-size SUV

Following the arrival of a mid-size Alfa Romeo SUV early next year, the brand is expected to launch a full-size SUV, possibly sharing technology with sister brand Maserati’s Levante.


LARGER:  Stylish Maserati Levante is set to inspire new full-size SUV from Alfa Romeo

rein-biglandNew Alfa and Maserati CEO Reid Bigland hinted that it will be a large SUV next for Alfa, rather than a more extreme sports car or luxury model. He declared:

“When you look at SUVs, the whole world seems to be gravitating towards them. A few years ago, the notion of an Alfa or Maserati SUV was a little sacrilegious, but you need to go where the consumer preference is going. It could be a larger SUV or a halo-type sporty coupé like a 6C, but you need to keep an eye on where the market and consumer preference is going – and that’s all SUVs.”

However, the car won’t be a seven-seater.

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