Aero-P Atom

Few people exposed to the rampant acceleration and organ-rearranging cornering forces of an Ariel Atom would want for more, but the Somerset-based firm has taken its spaceframe sports car to a whole new level with its latest concept.

Called the Aero-P Atom, it uses active ground-effect technology not dissimilar to ¬†that of the Gordon Murray-designed Brabham BT46 F1 ‘fan car’ of 1978 and the 1970 Chaparral 2J Can-Am car.


Like those, the Aero-P features an underbody moulding around which is aground-scraping rubber skirt. A pair of small, high¬¨speed, electrically operated fans then suck air from this area, causing the chassis to be pulled to the ground without the need for external aerodynamic devices as the Aero-P’s ground-effect system.


Development work was carried out by TotalSim in Brackley and testing by Delta Motorsport in Silverstone. There are no plans to put the Aero-P Atom into production in its current form, but Ariel considers this the ‘first step’ towards production reality in the future.

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