7 Minutes, 49 Seconds And 21 Hundreds – Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S

I understand them very well! I speak of car manufacturers’ “big bosses” who now, despite the many rumors and contradictions and the increasingly misinformation that drifts thanks to the Internet monster, keep undeterred to use the Nürburgring as a final test for their sports cars (street legal or not).

Indeed, in truth, very often this proving ground is even used for the development of the same and a lap time means much more than a personal goal, since along the 22km of the track, we find virtually all road conditions that may be useful to put a car to the test, as if it were in the real world, but without speed limits or traffic coming from the opposite direction.


The new Golf GTI Clubsport S is the last daughter of this philosophy, of this constant need to prove to be the best, and so its 7’49”21 is a record that speaks loud, not only because it represents an exceptional lap time for a front-wheel drive car (thus ousting the various Megane, Leon and the Civic Type R as well), but celebrating the best 40 years of the Golf GTI, the first real hot-hatch, which led pepper and fun in everyday life of every motorist.


We start by saying that it has been all rehearsed, since they will only produce 400 units of this, and the convenience of a classic compact is not reflected in the lack of the rear seats and in its price, which we can safely assume would be more or less the same of the most powerful Golf R . But the Clubsport S celebrates the genesis of fun for everyone, developed and evolved over 40 years, until it had materialized in this seventh generation with 306hp, 380Nm of torque, a good old 6-speed manual gearbox and traction only at front.

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