5.7-Metre Full of Luxury – Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

Daimler has unveiled Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 – a 5.7-metre, electric- powered behemoth it says represents the ultimate in luxury.

With nods to both the future and past, the latest Maybach concept has been designed to combine classic proportions with the latest technology in the form of ‘hot’ emotional design and ‘cool’ intelligent details.

The former is accomplished with an elongated body and a vast bonnet, and a rearward-positioned, ultra-sleek cabin. The idea behind this is both presence and aerodynamics – with few details to spoil airflow and long contours, air is said to hug the bodywork throughout the vehicle’s length and break away at the tail.


Inside, the Maybach’s cabin trades deep reds for relaxing whites and blues. Mercedes calls it a ‘360-degree lounge’. While some details are again inspired by the classic – the seat pattern is inspired by a Chesterfield look – but the ultra-simple lines spanning the doors and dashboard, the ‘hyperanalogue’ instruments (with traditional needles in crystal displays) and continuous glass display are all resolutely modern.


The curved display shows most information related to the car’s operation, as well as navigation data and menus – some of which extend into the doors.


The windscreen serves as extra display space, with driving-related data and geographical information – all gesture-controlled – relayed across its full width.

At the Maybach’s heart though is its electric powertrain. Power is the operative word here, with a 550kW output from four electric motors. For its size, battery capacity is relatively small at 80kWh (a Tesla Model S now carries a 90kWh pack), but that’s enough for around 500km of driving by European measures. A more realistic estimate is the 320km claimed in American EPA- standard testing.


Thankfully, quick charging is on the cards, with a DC Combined Charging System plug allowing a 100km boost in only five minutes. Provisions for wireless charging are also included.



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