2018 Porsche 991 GT2 RS

Porsche 991-GT2-RS

700hp. Usually when that sort of figure is attributed to a Porsche 911, we would presume it has been the subject of a fettle by a tuning house such as Gemballa or TechArt. Not this time, however. Say hello to the new Porsche 991 GT2 RS, a rear-drive, turbocharged Rennsport boasting a monumental 700hp, making it the most powerful factory 911 ever to roll off the production line at Werk II.

And, let it be said, that tells not even half the story of this phenomenal new Porsche GT car. That’s because the 991 GT2 RS will power on to a top speed of 211.2mph, delivering another gong of being the fastest factory 911 of all time, usurping the 991.2 Turbo S by a full six mph (with extreme friction and drag forces at play when a car surpasses that magic double-ton, such an increase in top speed should not be taken lightly). As we exclusively told you in our prototype exposé last issue, the 991 GT2 RS’s engine is derived from that of its 3.8-litre Turbo S sister, though the flat six has undergone extensive modification befitting its new Rennsport home.

The car’s ECU has been remapped while mechanically speaking, the two turbochargers are larger, pushing an increased volume of charged air into each combustion chamber. The trick up the GT2 RS’s sleeve though is with regards to cooling. A new, additional cooling system keeps the GT2 RS’s flat six componentry from getting too hot under extreme loads, its piéce de résistance being jets that spray the intercoolers with water, causing gas temperature to fall and ensuring optimum output, even under what Porsche nonchalantly describes as “extreme conditions”. The resulting 700hp headline figure represents an incredible 120hp boost over the 991.2 Turbo S, the fastest 911 you can otherwise buy from the showroom, but moreover it’s an impressive 80hp jump over its 997 GT2 RS predecessor.

Translating all that power to the road is a compulsory PDK transmission that’s been revised specifically for the GT2 RS – no manual gearbox is to be offered. This follows Andreas Preuninger’s comments from his drive in the prototype car with us in issue 154, where he said “PDK is for the RS models… for anything with the RS badge on it’s about lap times.” However, the GT2 RS remains, like its GT2 ancestors, rear-drive only. Like its 997 predecessor, the 991 GT2 RS chassis is based upon its naturally aspirated GT3 RS stablemate, utilising the 991 Turbo-wide body with side air intakes, though these have been reprofiled and dressed in carbon fibre for extra distinction. The GT2 RS shared the same 265/35 profile tyres wrapped around a 20-inch rim as the GT3 RS, also sharing the latest naturally aspirated Rennsport’s mighty 325/30 profile tyres around a larger, 21-inch wheel.

The Michelin tyres have, however, been revised specially for the GT2. As you can expect, PCCBs are standard on this ludicrous performance weapon, as is rear axle steering, the technology featured on all 991 Turbo and GT cars and aiding stability through turns. Speaking of stability, this new GT2 RS shares the innovative PSM Sport mode, introduced across the 991.2 range with optional Chrono pack. This allows a greater slip angle before the car’s systems will intervene, should the driver be daring enough to push it, of course. In true Rennsport tradition, the GT2 RS has undergone a trademark weight saving programme.

As such, lightweight carbon fibre has been used extensively: just take in the bonnet, front wings, wheel housing vents, Sport Design mirrors, side air intakes and numerous parts of its rear end as a case in point. Some of these carbon parts have a very thin smattering of paint over the top, but most of the exotic material is left exposed. The roof, lifted from the GT3 RS and R, is made of magnesium, keeping the GT2 RS’s centre of gravity as low as possible. The new exhaust, with a single big-bore outlet coming from each bank of cylinders, has been designed specifically for the GT2 RS and is made from titanium, saving seven kilograms from the system fitted to the 991 Turbo and Turbo S.

Porsche 991-GT2-RS-6

New GT RS features magnesium roof from GT3 RS, though Weissach Pack cars get a carbon roof

Porsche says the new system “delivers an emotional sound without precedent,” which is perhaps an acknowledgement its Turbo cars are traditionally too quiet as much as this turbocharged RS promises to provide a thrilling soundtrack. Though the car weighs in at just 100 kilograms more than the 991 R in total, a new option for the GT2 RS is a Weissach Pack. As we told you last issue the package, inspired from the popular 918 e-hybrid option, saves a further 30 kilograms in weight from the car. This is achieved thanks to additional elements being made from carbon fibre, including the roof, both anti-roll bars, and coupling rods on each axle.

Optional Weissach Pack comes with test track facility etched RS’s head rests

Alloy wheels are swapped out for magnesium items, and there’s a greater use of titanium through the GT2 RS’s underpinnings. Porsche says the Weissach Pack cars will be identifiable by the exposed carbon roof and luggage compartment emblazoned with a central strip colour-coded to the rest of the car. The Weissach Pack costs an additional £21,042. In terms of the car’s appearance, there are similarities to its only GT2 RS forebear, particularly in regards to the front bumper, which features three large grilles for maximum possible air intake to aid cooling.

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