2000s: Pagani Zonda

If there was a word that would best sum up the Pagani Zonda and numerous insane variants it spawned over its lifespan from 1999 to 2011, it would be ‘pornographic’. Even in its original form, dubbed the C12, with a paltry 450bhp from its six-litre Mercedes-sourced V12, Zonda changed the supercar game in the 2000s. Its wild exterior was rendered in carbon fibre, with clamshell openings for its bonnet and rear deck; its interior a retro-futuristic steampunk symphony played out in leather, carbon fibre and aluminium.

While that was certainly mad at the turn of the millennium, it soon became clear that Pagani was only just getting started, given the increasingly lunacy and rarity of Zonda variants coming out of its factory in Modena. Carbon fibre gave way to carbon-titanium (carbon fibre with interwoven titanium filaments) and the original six-litre Mercedes V12 was replaced by Mercedes-AMG’s mighty M120-series V12, displacing up to 7.3-litres as seen in Zonda Cinque, and in the Zonda Revolucion’s case, developing up to 800bhp.

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