Rough & Sinful: Porsche 911 GT2 RS

Remember when the 911 was a cute, agile and relatively modest sports coupe with just enough power and torque? Turns out there was some headroom on it… Join us for a wild on-road ride in the 690bhp, £207,506 GT2 RS

Audi R8 GT 2010-2011: German Job With Italian Style


Beautiful and brutal, the R8 proved the brand had no limits Airfix had a smaller model range than Audi at the turn of the millennium, but neverthe­less some thought Audi straying into serious sports car territory was a step too for. Their misgiv­ings were misplaced.

2017 Audi RS5 Shakes Hard Its Opponents


When you’re up against cars as formidable as the M4 and C63, you really need to be on your game. Fortunately, the new RS5 is fighting fit Last time Audi took this road, it immediately understeered into the undergrowth. The previous RS5 might have been blessed with one of the finest naturally aspirated V8s in … [Read more…]