Is Vanda The Leader Of Electrically Powered Supercars?

‘IN SOME WAYS IT IS A LITTLE easier to make a new supercar today with electric technology. What is challenging from an engineering perspective is putting the average user in mind – who’ll get in, start up and drive at whatever speed for as long as they want to drive. That’s the challenge: range versus weight. Developing an electric vehicle is more straightforward, though, without spending tens of millions developing an engine.’ Continue reading “Is Vanda The Leader Of Electrically Powered Supercars?”

How to prove your love? Buy her a new car: choosing the right wheels for your loved one


“What to buy her for a birthday, wedding, or dating anniversary gift?” – This question bothers millions of men every single day. Some buy flowers, others choose new food processors, washing machines, or smartphones, but the best present one can come up with is a new car. But among hundreds of types and models, it’s hard to make the right choice.

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Testing Volvo’s Capacities On A Frozen Lake

“Remember to turn in early. Use the throttle to steer, not the steering”, says Roger Wallgren from Volvo’s vehicle dynamics team as he rides shotgun with me in the XC90T8. The setting outside the XC90 that we’re sitting in is actually extremely dramatic. The car’s thermometer shows its -14 degree C and what the XC90 is standing on, used to be a lake where the Swedes go fishing in the summer. But in the winters, the top 60cm of the water freezes and it becomes strong enough for vehicles to be driven on it. Continue reading “Testing Volvo’s Capacities On A Frozen Lake”

 Bajaj V12 May Be Small But Has Plenty Of Power

The 150cc commuter segment is a confusing place, it’s easy to mistake one motorcycle for the other here. A Hero could be a Honda could be a Hero. And when Bajaj came into this confusion with the V15, people took notice. Of course, the INS Vikrant connection helped too. So much so that since its launch in early 2016, Bajaj has managed to roll out close to 20,000 units of the V15. But never one to sit idle, Bajaj has decided to apply the same formula to the 125cc commuter and has come up with this – the oddball-shaped, kilometre muncher V12. Continue reading ” Bajaj V12 May Be Small But Has Plenty Of Power”

Volvo V90 Cross Country: Its Main Rule Is Comfort

Emergence of newer segments and body styles is proof that the Indian automobile market is evolving fast. Now Volvo has decided to bring in its own iteration a station wagon. One meant for those wanting something different, practical and versatile too. India, get ready to welcome the country’s first cross station wagon, the Volvo V90 Gross Country. Continue reading “Volvo V90 Cross Country: Its Main Rule Is Comfort”

Brand-new Volvo XC60 2018 has entered production in Sweden

The production of the new Volvo XC60 has begun in Sweden. The first model, produced at the Torslanda plant was a T5 Inscription AWD with Crystal White painting, equipped with a 250 hp 2.0-liter turbo-four engine. There are two more engines for the 2018 XC60, including a supercharged and turbocharged plug-in 400 hp hybrid or 316 hp 2.0-liter one. Buyers will also be able to choose diesel models that will become available soon.

The new crossover was first shown during Geneva International Motor Show 2017, a month before the production started. The manufacturer noted that everyone involved in the production has come a long way and done a lot of work to prepare for this day, and they are proud of having done their job in such a short time.

The brand-new XC60 is meant to replace the older model, which first rolled off the production line almost ten years ago. The previous model has gained certain popularity, making up to 30 percent of Volvo’s total worldwide sales and becoming the best seller among mode-sized crossovers in Europe.

Some characteristics

The exterior of the second-generation crossover changed a lot. Volvo XC60 shares some similarities with XC90. Like Volvo’s 90 series (Volvo XC90/S90/V90), XC60 built on the shortened Scalable Product Architecture (SPA) modular chassis system. SPA made its debut in 2014 with Volvo claiming that it provides numerous improvements regarding driver’s protection in case of an accident.

Earlier, Volvo demonstrated how safe the new crossover is with a crash test. The results have shown that XC60 remained almost scatheless even after flipping over.

The crossover’s petrol-powered plug-in hybrid T8 Twin Engine is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in decent 5.3 seconds.

Also, by developing SPA, Volvo has provided thousands of new jobs in such areas, as research, production, and development, just to name a few.

The list of XC60 features

The new Volvo XC60 has got a few advanced security systems, including the Oncoming Lane Mitigation system that prevents the car from entering the oncoming lane. In addition, the crossover received a semi-autonomous Pilot Assist system, which takes on the functions of acceleration, steering, and braking on roads with clearly visible markings at speeds up to 130 km/h. The last feature is optional. Besides, the SUV comes with additional equipment for ensuring a driver’s safety, including such assistance systems, as City Safety system, and Blind Spot Information System, and Steer Assist. And the last but not least, XC60 also got a CleanZone climate system for removing harmful particles from the cabin.

To sum it up

Overall, the new SUV’s innovative design and the number of features, including those ensuring a driver’s and passengers’ safety, makes the car compatible with its other models, presented on market. It’s an ideal solution, no matter whether you take your bride on a honeymoon or drive your kids to school. The new Volvo XC60 is already available in European countries, such as Sweden, Germany, and the UK.

Suzuki Access 125: Better Than Aprilia SR 150 Or Just Different?

Why are you comparing a 125 to a 150?

Convenience, practicality, low running costs and fun come standard with the New Suzuki Access 125. When we rode it, we knew it had the potential to take the fight to the Honda Activa 125. It was versatile, frugal, surprisingly quick off the line and a decent amount of fun, too. It met most expectations one would have from a scooter of this kind. Continue reading “Suzuki Access 125: Better Than Aprilia SR 150 Or Just Different?”

Is KTM RC 390 Really Worth The Extra Money?

It’s going to be an interesting few months as motorcycle manufacturers scramble to make model year changes to remain in compliance with Euro IV norms that are set to kick in this April. Hero seems to have got a jump start on everyone with their last couple of launches and now KTM gets in on the act too. For now we are being introduced to the pair of RCs that are on sale in the country, the 390 and the 200. Continue reading “Is KTM RC 390 Really Worth The Extra Money?”

Kawasaki KLX140G: The Most Friendly Off-Roader You Could Get

It’s like getting hit the face with a metal pan, when the power band hits on an off-road 450. The acceleration is so violent and so immediate that it makes you wet your pants. So if you’re planning to start your off-road adventures atop a 450, well, just don’t. It won’t end well. What you need is a nice, friendly trail-bike that is light and manoeuvrable, yet has enough grunt to give you your daily adrenaline fix. What you need is something like the KLX 140G. Continue reading “Kawasaki KLX140G: The Most Friendly Off-Roader You Could Get”

BMW 750Li M Sport Is More Entertaining Than Ever

We were mighty impressed with the new 7 Series when we first drove it last year. It was a big step up from the previous-gen 7 and is properly equipped with every weapon to take on the Mercedes S-Class. Things that we were really fascinated with were the key fob and the auto parking feature, of course, apart from the luxuries the backseat has to offer. Continue reading “BMW 750Li M Sport Is More Entertaining Than Ever”

Tata XUV500 And Innova Crysta Have Some Surprises For Their Customers

The last time Tata tried its hand at a premium people mover, it failed miserably. The Aria, despite having a great platform and a punchy engine, appealed to only a handful. A few years after its launch, Tata dropped the price by a few thousands in a quest to find more homes for the Aria But that didn’t see much success either. Now, though, there’s an all-new premium people mover from the house of Tata Motors. Continue reading “Tata XUV500 And Innova Crysta Have Some Surprises For Their Customers”

The Luxury Of Driving A Porsche Panamera Turbo

If you’re a deep pocketed individual, your idea of a family car or a car that’ll suit your needs – that of having a chauffeur drive while you sit at the back and sip champagne – would range from an S-Class to a 7 Series or an AS. And if you’re a deep pocketed individual with taste, you’d probably consider the Bentley Flying Spur or a Maserati Quattroporte as your perfect family car. But if you’re areal petrolhead and a track day is your idea of a perfect weekend, you’d probably fancy a Porsche. Continue reading “The Luxury Of Driving A Porsche Panamera Turbo”

Could BMW 5 Series Be The Best Car Out There?

There is little need for introductions here or even any real debate on the key question. The new BMW5 Series, launched a few months ago and in the UK for the first time, is really good. The odds on it not being so were always fairly slim. BMW, like a nation state fretting over the health of a high street bank, does not entertain the idea of its flagship exec failing. Continue reading “Could BMW 5 Series Be The Best Car Out There?”

Abarth 124 Spider: The Roadster That Will Give You Chills

Last year we saluted Fiat for the canny reasoning that resulted in the 124 Spider, its first rear-drive sports car since the original model was discontinued in the early 1980s. Although the amalgamation of Mazda MX-5 mechanicals and Italian styling was not a flawless integration by any means, it delivered the kind of desirable product that was so obviously missing from Fiat’s limited and conventional line-up. However, to Abarth, Fiat’s feisty tuning division, the 124 is of arguably much greater import. Continue reading “Abarth 124 Spider: The Roadster That Will Give You Chills”

BMW M760LI XDrive: Luxury, Speed And Technology

We’ve driven this new BMW M760Li xDrive as it should be driven and as one would assume many prospective buyers might: a full 700-mile international slog from Megeve in the French Alps back to Blighty. The car borrows the 6.6-litre twin-turbo V12 from the Rolls-Royce Wraith. Although the engine has been detuned slightly, its 601bhp and 5901b ft wouldn’t look out of place in a supercar. Indeed, this is currently the fastest-accelerating model BMW produces, bar none. Continue reading “BMW M760LI XDrive: Luxury, Speed And Technology”

 Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport Has New Petrol Guise And Design For Us

The perceived decline in demand for large cars over the past decade hasn’t done much to harm the UK success of the Vauxhall Insignia. Luton counts the 4.9m-long exec as one of its successes – which is why it has unveiled this new version, now called the Insignia Grand Sport. First deliveries are planned for June. Continue reading ” Vauxhall Insignia Grand Sport Has New Petrol Guise And Design For Us”

Audi RS3 Saloon: Will It Maintain Its Appeal?

As a versatile hot hatch, the Audi RS3 has always been close to the top of the podium. If you want a quick, luxurious and secure all-weather machine that offers decent levels of practicality and reasonable running costs, it’s hard to ignore Ingolstadt’s junior performance car. But we’ve always struggled to gel with the five-pot Audi, partly because of its prodigious price and partly because it places unflappable performance ahead of flamboyant entertainment.

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Wearing Green, Hard to Be Seen – Mercedes Benz AMG GT R


Its conquered the ’Ring. So how well will the sportified AMG GT R handle Portimao?

Intimidation, it turns out, is green. And wide, loud, long of bonnet, short of temper, fat of tyre and hairy of arse. Yes, the AMG GT R is a supercar. It conforms to all the tropes except the one that demands the engine should be behind the driver.

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